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Shoe Flash Speedlight

There are a lot of options when when lighting your photos beyond what's available with natural lighting, especially if you're using a professional DSLR camera. Large flash units, external flashes, and studio lights all work effectively. However, the most common and simplest to use light is the small external flash unit, often known as a speedlight, that connects to the hot shoe of your camera. Canon uses the term "Speedlite" in its brand names for external flash units, while Nikon uses "Speedlight" in its brand names. Some external flash units are pretty large and heavy, while some, particularly those made for DIL cameras, are very small and compact. But, some types of speedlights is not likely to work with certain cameras. A speedlight will give you more effective lighting choices, and more control over those lighting options, than the usual typical built-in flash unit. The speedlight also will work over longer ranges than a built-in flash. So, if you are planning to shoot a lot of indoor, low-light photos, a DSLR camera or DIL camera with an external flash unit may be the best choice for high-quality photos. It doesn't provide as much light as a large strobe or a studio light, however the speedlight is much more versatile because it can be used in many different locations.